Welcome to the ESRC Communicator Sign Up Page

Thank you for considering to serve as a Communicator for the Eastern Sierra Recreation Collaborative.  As a grass roots effort, we very much appreciate the willingness of regional partners to step up and help “spread the word” about ESRC Public Meetings. And thanks to MLTPA for providing this handy opt-in web page!

Here’s what you need to know:025_26_esrc_EmailHubspot_Port-03.jpg

  • Please fill out the fields under "Communicator" on the left side of the page to opt-in to the ESRC Communicator program.
  • We will provide simple messaging for each of the public meetings for your use.
  • You can then use this messaging to reach out to your email lists and contacts.
  • We will remind you when to send out your messaging, with plenty of advance notice.
  • We’ll even include a “week of event” reminder.

Thank you for offering to help out!

By providing your contact information, you will be contacted only with regards to the ESRC Communicator outreach effort.  MLTPA will follow up once the effort is complete to ask you whether or not you would like to remain on MLTPA’s email list.


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