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Over a ten-month period, the Town of Mammoth Lakes and MLTPA engaged a variety of agencies and interested parties in discussions on the future of recreation in Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding region. With the engagement of staffs, commissions, and elected officials, the Mammoth Lakes Recreation 1.0 process focused in on opportunities for partnerships and the efficient, effective delivery of recreation in the Mammoth Lakes region.

 Download Important Mammoth Lakes Recreation 1.0 documents: 

  • Complete Project Documentation
  • A proposed Structure for the Town’s Rec. Department
  • "Mammoth Lakes Recreation Council" Documents
  • "Mammoth Region Recreation Council" Documents
  • "Mammoth Lakes Recreation" Documents
  • All “Townie” Documents
  • All Project Outcomes
  • … and much more!

Access the Mammoth Lakes Recreation 1.0 Project Archive!

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